User Manual

Table of Contents

Usage Overview General outline of components' usage.

Usage Examples

SSL/TLS Connection Security Use of Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security.
Tracing Communication Monitoring and debugging communication problems.
Character Sets Character sets used in mobile messaging.
Message to Multiple Destinations Sending to multiple destinations in single operation.
Tracking & Modification Low level protocol packet tracking and modification.
Extended Parameters Usage of unified extended parameters.

Key Class Reference

SMSCserverSMPP SMPP protocol main component.
SMSCserverUCP UCP protocol main component.
SMSCserverCIMD2 CIMD2 protocol main component.

Error Codes

Internal Error Codes Error codes reported by the functions of the library.
Network Error Codes Error codes reported by Windows Sockets network interface.
SMPP Error Codes SMPP protocol native error codes.
UCP Error Codes UCP protocol native error codes.
CIMD2 Error Codes CIMD2 protocol native error codes.


Reference Documents Papers used as reference in implementation and testing of the communication components of library.

Version information

Library version 8.0.78 (2e3f4cc), released on 6 September 2018.